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Sally Dunne

Acupuncture & Herbs - traditional Chinese medicine.
A member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association

Acupuncture & Herbs

The option of traditional Chinese medicine – acupuncture and herbs – has offered people an alternative way to view and care for their health. Its subtleties in diagnosis, give the practitioner a unique way to treat many conditions. In the case of insomnia, for example, three or four different TCM diagnoses are possible, depending on the person’s presenting details. The symptom – being unable to sleep – may be the same, but the cause behind the symptom, may be quite different and require a very different treatment plan. This is the beauty of its approach. The person and their unique set of symptoms creates the starting point for finding a way to help which encompasses the whole person – their physical body, their emotions and moods, their lifestyle and their history. While conventional medicine is without doubt indispensible, many people have already found that TCM can offer them a complementary option, particularly for stubborn, chronic conditions.

What can I treat?

Migraine | Neck & Shoulder Pain | Stress symptoms | Back pain | Frozen shoulder | Tennis elbow | Digestive problems | Sports injuries | Insomnia | IBS| Constipation | Infertility (male & female) | IVF/IUI support | Tiredness/ M.E | Sinusitis | Low energy/ mood | Skin problems | Arthritis | Anxiety | Sciatica | Rhinitis | Pregnancy issues | Post-operative pain and recovery | Fibromyalgia | Meniere's disease | Urinary problems | Menopausal symptoms | Menstrual prblems - PMS | Prolonged/short cycle | Period pain


60 euro per treatment.
* Acupuncture is covered by most health insurers. Please check with your own insurer regarding if acupuncture is included in your policy.


Sally has always been able to help me deal with the health issues which I have come to her with over the years. Her skills in acupuncture and in herbal remedies have helped me greatly, particularly with skin problems and anxiety. She is wonderfully sympathetic, as well as being a very efficient practitioner. I would recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture as an alternative therapy.
Loraine F.

"I first met Sally a good few years ago. We were both in the same yoga class. One day, when I felt low and needed a treat for myself I asked Sally to give me a Shiatsu. I walked away after it thoroughly pleased with myself and feeling great! Then some months later I hurt my back and again I went to Sally. She suggested acupuncture would be effective. However, I had never had acupuncture before and would not have considered it because of the needles...So I agreed as long as I did not have to see the needles. Well, it was a revelation. I felt so much better after and it lasted too. And the needles? Well, they were no problem! And the other thing was, I had so much energy, as well as a better back. Very powerful treatment, highly recommended. Sally is a very competent and reliable person, as well as a super practitioner."
Hester H.

Is it safe?

Yes. The needles are used only once and then discarded immediately – so, there’s no risk of contamination. The points selected for needling are located safely away from important structures such as blood vessels, nerves, etc. The needle only goes to a depth of a few millimetres.

How will I feel?

Most people fall asleep during their treatment! You will feel relaxed and at ease and afterwards will notice an increased feeling of well being and balance and over time an improvement in your symptoms.

Does it hurt?

This is probably the most frequently asked question! An acupuncture needle is as fine as a hair on your head and because it is inserted so quickly, most people are surprised that they don’t feel it at all. The needles are then left in position for 20 – 30 minutes and then removed and discarded.

Do I undress?

No. Usually all that is needed is for trouser legs and sleeves to be rolled up out of the way. If larger areas of the back need to be accessed, for example, the person may like to remove outer layers for convenience. Towels are used for warmth and privacy.

What are the benefits?

Increased immune function and resistance to disease. Reduction of pain and inflammation. Promotes feelings of well-being Improved circulation and relaxation of muscles lining the internal organs. Increased pain tolerance. Regulation of body’s homeostasis - the body's ability to keep itself in balance. Stimulation of tissue growth and repair stimulation of central nervous system, spinal and peripheral nerve function.


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