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Sally Dunne

Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Shiatsu Practitioner and Yoga Therapist.
Hatha Yoga
My Health Yoga
Mindful Chair Yoga

New! Online yoga classes!

  • Mondays 11am
  • Fridays & Saturdays 10am
Want to join in? 6 weeks 70 euro.

Plus! Mindful Chair Yoga online:

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 11am
6 week course 50 euro
(Just send me your email address via ‘Book Now’ page!)

About Yoga

Regular practice of Yoga has the power to greatly enhance how we feel, both physically and mentally. It can take just one class to get an idea of its potential. Of course, it takes time and practice to really appreciate Yoga’s timeless appeal. However, the deep relaxation that is possible after stretching the body through its range of movements is appreciable very quickly. My yoga style comes from a perspective of prevention and remedy – that is, using Yoga to help maintain and improve flexibility while at the same time paying attention to areas of previous injury or regular problems. Yoga asanas or poses strengthen the body, improve posture, balance and physical awareness, while helping to stretch out deeply held tension in the body. When combined with the breath these poses have a powerful effect. We feel more calm, alert and focused and more in tune with ourselves. I have seen students make real strides in their physical confidence when they come to their regular class. Many students have told me how their yoga practice has helped them find balance while going through a stressful personal time.

Monkstown Hatha Yoga

In Monkstown, the yoga terms run consecutively and are paid for in 7 week blocks. Newcomers are welcome to join at any stage during the term.
Who is it for?
Practically everyone! The type of Yoga practised is Hatha Yoga, where the emphasis is on bringing the body and mind into relaxed union. Hatha Yoga can be adapted to suit just about anyone – whether you have a history of illness, injury or have had surgery, or whether you’re looking for a way to calm the mind and de-stress.

Mindful Chair Yoga

The physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga can be enjoyed by everyone. The beauty of the practice is that it is so adaptable. The use of a chair for stability and safety opens up the opportunity for anyone to adapt many yoga poses. Such a class is ideal for the over 60s and for people of all ages who want to return to movement and exercise after illness, accident or surgery. Chair yoga is a simple and safe approach that can yield real results when practised regularly. At typical class starts with the students seated for a 10 minute ‘centering’ which gives everyone a chance to settle, focus on the breath and become aware of how they are feeling. Then we start with gentle movements, working through the joints and starting to stretch the limbs, to improve circulation and warm up the body. Then we move into adapted yoga postures and breath-work, ending with a deep relaxation which can be taken either seated or supported with bolsters, blocks and blankets on the yoga mat.
Newcomers are welcome to try a class for free!
Simple phone or text me on 087 222 0749 to reserve a place.


This yoga class gives me the opportunity to breathe fully and re-connect. I usually leave feeling more together and ready for the days ahead.
Josephine K.

Sally’s class has challenging but achievable exercise and her style of teaching is relaxed and helpful. I regret any class I have to miss! I feel great all day.
June B.

I thoroughly recommend yoga with Sally. I have received so many benefits from my yoga class. It has helped in all areas of my life.
Loyola M.

Sally is superb! She is very gentle and excellent at teaching. I have found the class very good at making me use my muscles and be aware of my posture.
Ann M.

My yoga class has helped me enormously to recover after my surgery, strengthening my limbs to engage in activities again with confidence.
Eleanor R.

*What if I haven’t done Yoga before?

All the better! My approach to Yoga is to make is accessible to everyone, so beginners are especially welcome. Classes are usually done in short terms of 7 weeks, which run consecutively, with a break during July and August. There are no shape-makers in my class! In other words, the atmosphere is friendly and easy going, not competitive. The idea is to focus on your own progress and how you are feeling after each set of movements. As you move through the term, you will notice subtle but important shifts in your flexibility. Regular attendance brings results. You will notice an improvement in posture, bodily awareness and, in time, a development of your strength, stamina and ability to relax.

Hatha Yoga, Mindful Chair Yoga

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