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Sally Dunne



After illness, surgery or injury the idea of feeling really well again may seem like an age away. A speedier and deeper recovery can be helped with a selection of the following treatments:

  • acupuncture
  • yoga
  • breath-work
  • meditation
  • massage
  • shiatsu

Everybody is different. One person's treatment needs will not be the same as the next person's. In my experience most people benefit from a combination of these therapies - depending on the health issue the are facing. For some, acupuncture and massage may help with pain levels or may help improve movement and flexibility. For others shiatsu and dietary advice may be more relevant. Or others may feel they need to combine either acupuncture or shiatsu with relaxation techniques. Clients have used these techniques and treatments to help strengthen and rebuild themselves after surgery. Others find that the techniques help them manage their on-going stressful symptoms, so that they feel stronger in themselves to deal with residual difficulties. Sessions last one hour and can take place at the clinic or in the person's own home.


"Due to a nasty fall, I fractured my pelvis and spent some time in hospital. The fall left me with some very painful and distressing symptoms, which have responded really well to treatments by Sally Dunne. Initially Sally treated me for hip and lower back pain. Over time I gained great relief and I am sure that the combination of acupuncture, massage and gentle stretching exercises contributed greatly to my physical improvement. Sally also guided me in relaxation and breathing techniques. These really helped me lift my mood and spirits during my convalescence . Later, when I developed tinnitus, related to loss of hearing in one ear due to the fall, the techniques that I learned helped me subdue and quieten the intensely irritating pounding in my head. I would like to recommend Sally and her work to anyone recovering from accident or illness. I'm sure her skills could be used in many different ways to help people who want to recover from all sorts of situations."
Marie O'Brien.

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